What will make the Union Budget 2023-24 sweeter for home buyers?

11 JAN   |   01:00 PM

Looking to buy a new home in 2023? With the real estate market booming in India after a pandemic induced lethargy, home prices are looking up too. If the government steps in with some promising incentives for the realty sector in the Union Budget 2023-24, home buyers can look forward to some better deals this year.


Mumbai to witness slower growth, Bengaluru preferred choice of investors

14 DEC   |   16:36 PM

Knight Frank's Global property market insights are out, and they paint a sober, yet optimistic picture of the real estate scenario across the prime cities of the world.


Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad offer most affordable housing

07 DEC   |   01:41 PM

Real estate firm JLL’s Home Purchase Affordability Index (HPAI) 2022 Report has marked Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Pune as the most affordable residential markets in India.
An uncertain global economy, inflationary pressures and the Reserve Bank of India's Repo rate hike are factors that could however impact affordability levels adversely, the report notes.



What is proptech and why you should know more about it

13 JAN   |   16:00 PM

Proptech, short for property technology, is the application of technology in the real estate industry. This can include everything from online platforms for buying and selling property, to building management software and virtual reality tools for property viewing. In recent years, proptech has been growing rapidly in India


Why Are Indians Preferring Smaller Cities Post-Pandemic?

03 JAN   |   01:00 PM

When the global pandemic struck in 2020, it came with a sense of universally shared uncertainty. As systems and industries — and even society at large — ground to a halt, no one what the future would look like. The world eventually began to imagine the New Normal, a state of affairs where we made adjustments to the way the coronavirus had impacted our lives and then carried on. Now that two years have passed, this New Normal has become a reality in many fields.


Here are 5 housing trends in India to watch out for in 2023

22 DEC   |   12:00 PM

The long shadow of the pandemic, the looming recession and changing work patterns are heralding newer patterns of housing in India. Here’s what we expect the property market to look like in 2023.



How to get your home ready for summer

17 JAN   |   11:00 AM

Summer may feel like it’s still a few months away, but it’s never too early to start preparing for the hot months ahead. Summer in India can be a challenging time, especially in terms of managing the heat and humidity. As we head into the summer of 2023, it's important to ensure


Top 10 home interior design trends for 2023

03 JAN   |   01:40 PM

As we move into 2023, the world of home interior design is evolving and adapting to new trends and styles. Here are some of the top predictions for what we'll see in the world of home design this year:
Sustainable and eco-friendly design: With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, there is a growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly design elements.